French artist Emmanuel Espinasse has created the most ingenious and accessible video game you'll see all day. Why is it so great? The game, called Super Pixel Quest, is such a nifty piece of work because it requires so little from you but accomplishes so much. 

In just 164 clicks you'll complete Super Pixel Quest, as it unfolds in a series of 164 GIFs woven together into one, delightful narrative. The story follows a man who has inexplicably fallen under the clutches of an evil scientist bent on tormenting him in an ever-expanding dungeon of twists and terrors. The only manner by which you influence this narrative is by clicking through from one GIF to the next. The game is more like an interactive stop-motion film than a proper game, but let's not trifle too much with semantics. Regardless of how you label it, Super Pixel Quest is a joy to experience. 

Click-through and "play" the game here

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[via Kotaku]