Final Fantasy Explorers, a new 3DS entry in the long-running RPG series, will be out in Japan for 3DS this winter, Square-Enix announced this week in a new Nintendo Direct session. The video, shown above, is unforunately in Japanese, but from what we know about Explorers it's an up-to-four-player co-op RPG that takes elements from FFV (job classes, which dictate fighting style) and lets players well, explore.

The gameplay ideas sound pretty basic here, which makes sense given that Explorers is aiming to get people involved in RPGs that don't know as much about them. (Though I'm sure they're designing it so that seasoned players can get in on the action too). You can see some gameplay footage spliced into the video above – for a quick and dirty take on the FF formula it looks like it could be promising. Square hasn't yet announced a Western release.

[Via Youtube]