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If you thought that song about keeping the devil down in that hole (way down) would forever be the song most associated with HBO's crime masterpiece The Wire, well, you're probably right. But here's to gunning for No. 2. 

The actor who played Duquan "Dukie" Weems on the series, Jermaine Crawford, seems to have taken a break from acting to pursue a career making smooth, sexy R&B jamz. 

Crawford is 21 now (he was only 13 when he first appeared on The Wire) and he recently released the two-track single "One Night Only." He also just released a video for his song "Janet," which is apparently at least partially about Janet Jackson

Things were not looking too sexy for Dukie whenThe Wire ended (unless you consider a looming heroin habit sexy), so here's to thing's looking up. 

We knew Dukie could dance, looks like all he needed was a sax man. 

 [Via A.V. Club]