Where in the World is The Kid Mero? That's a Hardy Boys mystery we may never solve, but as we follow this trail of Dutch guts, enjoy this very special episode of "Desus vs. Mero." For Ep. 23—the "Cheese Eyes" edition—your boy Desus goes dolo to deliver these hilarious (and unseen) outtakes, fresh off the cutting-room floor. Apologies in advance to all of our deaf fans.

NOTE: For hardcore #desusvsmero fans, we have a special treat: Next Tuesday, we'll be dropping a never-before-heard episode of "Desus vs. Mero" (on iTunes and Stitcher), featuring unearthed gems from the O.G. round of audio-only podcasts.

And next week, Mero will be back (inshallah) for another all-new Complex TV episode of #desusvsmero on Friday.

Catch up on all of the previous #desusvsmero episodes on the "Desus vs. Mero" show homepage. Stay woke—and FREE MERO!