How far would you go to score your next bae? Apparently, some people are really going the distance. Tinder, the app known around the world for its ability to link two DTF strangers together with a simple swipe, apparently has users who are willing to put some cash into the app. A “professional” service out of Brooklyn is offering Tinder users paid headshots so they can step up their game.

The service, offered via Craigslist says, “you’re doing your pimp game no favors with your out of focus selfies in the bathroom. Selfies make you look like you don’t have any friends.” If you think this is one of the shadiest things you’ve ever heard of, don’t worry, the service has a website to prove its real. 

The service costs $50 for a single headshot, or you can get three for a measly $100. Before you make your way over to BedStuy, you have to send the “company” your Facebook profile so they can make sure you’re not a serial killer. Right…

In case you're considering venturing over to the office, make sure you tell a friend where you’re going: have some sort of emergency number on speed dial and possibly consider a can of mace.

[via Daily Dot]