Taking a cue from Jerry Seinfeld, Joel McHale has decided to put his own spin on the popular webseries Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It's called Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine, because we all know that comedians don't need caffeine when they have "booger sugar."

In the hilarious send up, which is mostly just a video promoting McHale's longstanding run as host of The Soup on E!, McHale and his goofball buddy Tony Hale drive around in a 1959 convertible Ford Skyliner trying to get their hands on some quality drugs. (Who knew there were so many coke houses in Beverly Hills?)

Hale regales McHale with tales of an earlier time in his career when he would perform Shakespeare and try to get high in New York City. Back then, he was a starving actor who couldn't afford cocaine. It was super dark, you guys. Luckily, he is now a successful actor and everyone takes him seriously, therefore he's able to afford luxury habits such as cocaine addiction. 

As these things go, shit gets complicated when the two pals run up to get the coke. I've been assured that no one was actually murdered during the making of this video—at least no one that we know of. That's a good thing because Comedians in Cars Getting Cocaine deserves to be a legit webseries, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus​ should be the next guest. Chinese fire drill!

[via Slate]