In an hour's time, Chris Colfer managed to nearly crash Twitter. Well, at least we thought it was Chris Colfer. The Glee star tweeted that he was leaving the series earlier today. Less than half an hour later, Colfer’s representative released a statement saying the stars Twitter account was hacked and that he was in fact not leaving the show. Phew, that was close.

Colfer is one of the most beloved stars on Glee, so it should come as no surprise that within the time frame off tweeting and retracting, his fans went totally nuts. However, once the statement stating that Colfer’s account was hacked came out, fans were even more outraged.

Fans where literally tweeting that they wanted to catch the hacker who did this to "their beloved Chris." As crazy as most fans are, and they can certainly get crazy, we’ve never really seen something quite like Glee fans (affectionately known as Gleeks).

Don’t worry Glee fans. Everything is okay. You can breathe easy and get back to your life knowing that Chris Colfer will be as present as ever in the upcoming final season of Glee.

[via Bustle