All hail the Google search, a tool for the inquisitive and a toy for the bored. With an entire world of information available at your fingertips, who needs to tirelessly follow-up on celebrity news when the answer is right there in the search box? Here's your autocompleted Google search roundup: 

Ever wonder what celebrities do in their free time? 

Well, good news: Miley Cyrus is watching you poop...

...and Christopher Walken is watching you pee.

Little known facts:

Ashton Kutcher has webbed feet.

Jennifer Garner has an overlapping pinky toe.

Emma Watson wears nappies.

Emma Stone looks like a fish.

Taylor Lautner looks like an alpaca.

And Kim Kardashian is still a hobbit.

Also, did you know that Christian Bale sings in the electronic band Empire of the Sun?

And seriously, what if Miley Cyrus was a British folk singer/Pakistani Minecraft champ?


In other news...

Tina Fey is better than Jesus.

Ryan Gosling needs to eat his cereal.

And James Franco, a.k.a. the white Donald Glover, needs to stop texting people.

 Ramy Zabarah is a contributing writer. He tweets here.

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