Blog Genre: Self-Help Pseudo-Science / Inspiration

"The Mind Unleashed" isn't particularly impressive or any more effective than the dozens of generic Facebook pages with attached blogs that do the exact same thing. Some of them focus on new-agey garbage. Others seek to provide you with fitspirations. Others just tell you over and over again that you should be eating acai berries. Regardless of the window dressing, all of these pages draw from the same playbook. Inspirational quotes in white font on a colorful background make up the majority of posts; these shallow platitudes are supplemented by articles that run the gamut from pretty dumb to downright harmful. Some samples of articles linked on The Mind Unleashed page include "Fasting Can Extend Your Life" and "Can We Reprogram Our DNA and Heal Ourselves With Frequency, Vibration & Energy." "The Mind Unleashed" currently has 3.5 million likes. What's scary is that given the dozens of pages almost identical to it, statistically, someone out there must be heeding the advice provided on these pages.