Blog Genre: Optimistic Slacktivism

These two guys founded a website and you'll never believe all the things that we hate about it. Calling the team behind Upworthy "bloggers" is generous. Yes, the curators (Internet speak for "steal videos from YouTube and drive traffic to your site") do write a few sentences setting up each video, but the writing makes advertising copy sound like a passage from Marquez.

The argument that Upworthy would like you to make is that the theft the site commits is totally okay because they are spreading good ideas to the darkest corners of the Internet. But what impact does a thirty second video of a girl who stood up to her racist Dad or a plus-sized model who doesn't give a shit about Photoshop really make? If we think that Upworthy offers anything more than BuzzFeed, we are deluding ourselves. No grand changes are going to come about in the world from sharing these videos, but these videos may help cubicle dwellers make it through one more day. Upworthy provides the same value proposition of lists of GIFs of pugs wearing party hats. That's all well and good, but if they could do it without the cheesy headlines and the implicit claim to content that isn't theirs, well that would be something to restore your faith in humanity.