Blog Genre: Celebrity Gossip / Tragedy Merchant

No one mistakes TMZ or Perez Hilton for fine journalism, yet for some reason we give Internet gossip more space in our heads and on our feeds than we would ever have provided the National Inquirer or Star Magazine on our grocery store newsstand back in the day. It was nice to see Louis C.K. ask TMZ to remove their terrible video of Tracy Morgan's car crash scene, but that moment also reminded us of all that we put up with and even share from these intrusive gossip sites. Maybe it's because we don't have to pay for the content anymore. Maybe it's because it is so easy to click. Whatever the reason, we've helped gossip become a larger, grislier business than its ever been before. It doesn't look like the occasional Twitter protest or think piece is going to turn back the clock on a culture that isn't far from peddling animated GIFs of celebrities dying.