If you're planning to wake up early and stand in line for Apple's iPhone 6 later this fall, you might be able to stay home a little longer. (That's assuming you're not a fanboy and want to wait in line.)

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the company has ordered between 70 to 80 million(!) iPhones for the next launch, widely expected to be in September following an August unveiling. That's almost 10 to 20 million more than last year's order of the iPhone 5S and 5C. Customers who weren't lucky enough to pick one up on the first day were hit with big shortages and long wait times for the next shipment, namely of the gold iPhone 5S. But, if reports hold up, this year the order is being split up between two phones: a 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch model. Yet size won't be the only thing that's changing with the iPhone 6. Recent rumors have said Apple is planning an upgraded camera for the phone, which may also come with bendable Sapphire glass that can withstand more of a beating than the current iPhones.

As the Journal notes, placing an order for phones is a difficult balancing act. For Apple, they need to be careful to order enough to meet demand, or else risk a customer picking up a Samsung or Windows phone. But if they order too much and there are a thousands of iPhones sitting on shelves, that won't be a good look either.