A man has been convicted of raping his then eight-year-old stepdaughter after she revealed the crime in a college essay. 

The victim had written the essay as an application to a religious school in Florida when her mom read it and promptly called the police. 

From CBS News

“My home life has always been something interesting,” began the 2012 piece, which was aired at the ex-stepfather’s recent trial.
The former stepdaughter wasn’t in court Monday, but Assistant District Attorney Anna Krutaya read a statement from the woman.
“Getting closure and justice on this horrible situation has been the best that could come from it,” she said in the statement. She added that after testifying, “I felt like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.
“I feel a lot happier than before,” she wrote. “I will not forget what happened, but I will move on from it.”

Here's hoping that Tarrats' conviction finally provides the young woman with the closure she deserves. Tarrats' lawyer, however, says he plans to appeal. 

[via CBS New York]

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