Every form has the enigmatic figure that even its best known practitioners look to with reverence. In music, there is the purist who refuses to sell out. In film, there is the uncompromising, if a little crazy, indie auteur. Twitter has @dril. If you scan the timeline of pretty much any Twitter handle with a sense of humor, you will find a tweet from @dril. I have seen some @dril tweets retweeted into my timeline dozens of times. His vicious satire of conservatives, gamers, conspiracy theorists, and other less savory aspects of the Internet is always on point, always hilarious, always in character.

Twitter loves @dril. @fart has said, “I have no idea who dril is but I think he might be a computer algorithm from the future.” Rob Delaney said, “The fact that people sort of revere Dril, is to me, entirely appropriate. That guy is just beyond.” In naming @dril a 2013 “Gawker Hero,” Max Read wrote, “Dril will not lie to you. Dril will not fool you. Dril is not a hoax. Dril is not a put-on. Dril is the only writer on the internet you can trust.”

Not much is known about the reclusive tweeter. Even his comments for BuzzFeed's oral history were given "in character." @dril is also one of few Twitter handles to have his own extensive Know Your Meme page. Here is what KYM knows about @dril, “Not much is known about the identity of the Twitter handle. It is known that dril used to be a user on the Something Awful forums who went by the nickname gigantic drill … [BuzzFeed employee Jacob] Bakkila shared that he was hired by dril in the past for a project, that dril was possibly a graphic designer and lived in the tri-state area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut)." So, yeah, we don't have a lot to go on. 

Unlike many of his Weird Twitter contemporaries, it seems unlikely that @dril will land a book deal or a Comedy Central half-hour. From what we can tell of @dril to date, he wouldn't want any of that. Whoever is behind the voice of @dril recognizes that the account is at its best as paranoid, ridiculous fountain of technospeak screaming into the winds of the Internet in lowercase letters sans punctuation. Any more knowledge of the man behind that smiling Jack Nicholson avi might just ruin the joke.