Medical marijuana dispensaries in San Francisco are in an awkward stage right now. Like the first dance of middle school, there is a feeling of tense, yet optimistic anticipation in the air. Ask one of these gawky cannabis clubs to go steady with you and the response you'll get ranges anywhere from irritable to affable. Edginess is understandable, as the last big federal crackdown in California occurred under the current administration despite the Justice Department's claims it would be hands off when it came to the bud business. Anyhow, now it's like the kids are sticking to the walls, hands folded behind their backs, waiting to see if the chaperones will let the party go on as scheduled. Bless those who get on the floor and shake it without shame. It's sure a more pleasant experience with them here. Now that my long-ass analogy is over, witness your Legit Guide to the Marijuana Dispensaries of S.F.

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