Video games and hip-hop is a marriage that never ceases to impress. Both entities had rapid rises in the 1970s and eventually made its way into pop culture, captivating audiences from across all generations. Even today, the two worlds are continuing to collide. Just watch the first video teaser for Puff Daddy’s “I Want The Love. Within seconds, it is reminiscent of the 16-bit era, complete with a character selection screen, coin sound effect a la Super Mario, and much more goodies.

The two have been inseparable. From the looks of it, the trend won’t be dying down and we’ll probably see some innovative ways to capture the essence of both in the future. As long as video games keep dazzling us, chances are hip-hop is going to keep referencing them in rhymes and sampling certain classics for nostalgia’s sake. So, as gamers usher in a new wave of upcoming releases thanks to E3 2014, we figured it was a perfect time to highlight video games and hip-hop coming together. Here are 30 Hip-Hop Songs That Sample Video Games. Plug and play.

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