UPDATE: According to the Chicago Tribune, the number of victims has been increased to 82, including 14 fatalities.

[via Chicago Tribune]

Over 60 people were shot in Chicago over the holiday weekend and at least 11 were killed, authorities say. 

The Chicago Sun-Times says a string of shootings that started yesterday and continued into this morning greatly increased the number of victims: 

At least 30 people were shot over about 13 hours starting 2:30 p.m. Sunday afternoon and continuing into early Monday morning. Four of the 30 people shot died and several more remain in critical condition.

ABC Chicago notes that, despite the violent weekend, police still say that shootings and murders are down in the city. The Huffington Post adds that Chicago Police Department Spokesman Martin Maloney told the Sun-Times that, since Jan. 1, the city has recorded its lowest homicide rate since 1963. Furthermore, ABC Chicago mentioned that more people were killed during the holiday weekend in the city last year.

[via Huffington Post, Chicago Sun-Times and ABC Chicago]

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