The dating scene is a complete free-for-all. Every weekend, millions of men across the country rush into bars, hoping to spot an interesting single girl to strike up a conversation with. While this may seem simple in theory, in practice it’s more intimidating than a job interview. That’s why it’s absolutely vital to bring a wingman with you to take the pressure off and help you find the right girl to approach.

The problem is that finding a proper wingman in the real world is nearly an impossible task. And why go hard when you can go HARDER? In the world of comic books, the perfect wingman can be found on nearly every panel. And as you’d imagine, most of the best wingmen wouldn’t be found wearing spandex and saving little old ladies from purse snatchers; instead, it’s the super villains themselves that would be the best wingmen as we go on to illustrate.

If you want to go out and conquer the night, have your best friend look over this list of 10 Super Villains Who Would Actually Make Awesome Wingmen in order to get tips on how a proper wingman should act. Choosing harder never felt so right.