What’s not to heart, right? New York is the best. It’s absurd to even try to explain the city's alchemical essence after everything that’s already been expressed about it. It's a feeling, an idea, the greatest city on the planet. No matter what you're looking for, chances are you'll find it in New York.  But now you want to leave. Just for now, you say. Anyone with an ounce of cool in them should move here, duh, but you have to take a temporary break. You have a litany of excuses: I just need to get out of here for the winter. I should save up before I really settle down here. I’ll be in New York my whole life so what’s a couple years away? And while you’re packing your closet of an apartment you’ll tell yourself, like some existential Austrian android: I’ll be back. But it’s a lie, whether you know it or not. Sure, you might visit, but you'll never live there again. Here are the 10 reasons why it's over. 

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