Microsoft has confirmed previous reports that the Xbox One without the Kinect motion and voice senor will get a 10 percent boost in performance. Or to put another way, the Kinect sensor slows down the Xbox One by 10 percent.

Yes, the additional resources allow access to up to 10 percent of the additional GPU [graphics power] performance,” said a company representative to Eurogamer.

Microsoft also says it is looking to change how the Kinect-free Xbox One's processor will work now the Kinect is gone. Which could result in more power in the future. Microsoft has hinted since the console's release at the hidden power potential of the box. Some speculated that the company would use cloud-based rendering to make for better graphics. However few thought they would be stripping out the, so called, essential Kinect peripheral.

Own an Xbox One? Is the Kinect worth it? Or would you trade for a 10 percent performance boost? The Kinect-free Xbox One goes on sale June 9.

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[via Eurogamer]