It is difficult to tell exactly what other military equipment has fallen into ISIS hands. Earlier, we took a look at the social media apparatus around ISIS. It turns out that misinformation has also been a key part of their strategy. Though ISIS has claimed to capture a number of tanks and helicopters, it appears that these claims may actually be exaggerated. According to the the Pentagon, "[What] we're seeing on social media and other places are complete fabrications."

Though we don't yet have a solid source, several outlets including Fox News have claimed that Stinger Missiles have likely fallen into ISIS hands. Even if ISIS hasn't captured Stinger Missiles from the Iraqi military, it is possible that they have obtained FIM-92s from Syrian insurgent forces, who in turn received them from Turkey. One Stinger missile costs $38,000. The 22 pound projectile is accurate up to three miles and can achieve a maximum speed of Mach 2.2. Stinger Missiles are part of large classification of missile called a MANPAD (man-portable air-defense systems). It is significant if a MANPAD falls into the hands of ISIS forces because it complicates the use of airstrikes, as it puts those executing the strikes in greater danger.