Unlike the DShk, which still sees action around the world, ISIS's anti-aircraft arsenal is comprised of what is considered to be antiquated weaponry. The most common anti-aircraft weapons used by ISIS according to reports are the 57mm S-60 and the ZU-23. The S-60 hasn't been a cutting edge weapon since the 1970s. The Russians, who created the S-60, sold most of their remaining stock to Saddam Hussein's regime when they replaced their S-60s with a missile arsenal. Recent Iraqi conflicts and the Syrian Civil War both saw heavy use of the S-60. The 10,000 pound weapon takes a crew of seven to operate and can be accurate up to 6,000 meters. Soviets used the ZU-23 into the 1980s until they replaced these weapons as well. The ZU-23 has popped up in both Lebanese and Syrian Civil Wars. The ZU-23 weighs over 2,000 pounds, takes six men to operate, and is accurate up to 2.5 km.