[UPDATE] The deal has been pulled down. Apperently it was a goof, perhaps dropped ahead a schedule. Stay tuned.

Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception is free right now on the PlayStation Network, no membership required. The single-player campaign of the PlayStation 3 classic is available to everyone with a PlayStation Network account in the United States.

Developer, Naughty Dog's (The Last of Us) classic action-adventure title has been offered as a reward for membership in the past and the multiplayer portion of the game has been free for over a year. However this is the first time the full single player title has been offered for free. Relive the story of Nathan Drake or fall in love with the series for the first time.

Could this be a hint at a reveal for the in-development Uncharted title to be unveiled at E3 next week? Stay tuned for updates. Check out the teaser for the new Uncharted from earlier this year.

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[via Joystiq]