Overnight two Twitch livestreamers, Nikki Elise (Sajedene) and Shannon Scotten (SUNSfan) from Twitch community DOTACinema, were robbed at gunpoint in the middle of their broadcast. This according to video captured of the livestream and fellow broadcasters posting to web forums NeoGAF, and Reddit.

The video clip above shows Sajadene look up surprised then bolt as yelling is heard in the background. Later in the video a person appears who is apparently holding a gun.

Both Sajedene and SUSNfan have reached out to the Reddit and NeoGAF communities saying that they are alright but shaken up. Sajadene's Twitch channel is currently taken down do to “terms of service violation” which is probably do to there being a gun involved but doesn’t differentiate, as of yet, who's holding it.

The take away? Just like people doing naughty things on livestreams, broadcasters are experiencing much more than just gaming in their homes. The more livestreamers there are the more those little windows are becoming portals into not only games, but to the randomness of real life.

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