Twenty years ago this upcoming Sunday, Disney released The Lion King in the United States.

The film inspired a generation of young people, and it’s no wonder. It had the visuals—gorgeous, hand-drawn renderings of the African Savannah. It had the music—Elton John instrumentals, Tim Rice lyrics, and some of the greatest Disney songs of all time. It had the dramatic storyline—a dark tale of betrayal, murder, and regicide. And, most importantly, The Lion King had Scar.

Unlike his fellow villains, Scar actually achieved his goals—he killed Mufasa and ruled as king for years (albeit badly). A potent mixture of oily charisma and evil, Scar, like all great Disney villains, made us love him and hate him at the same time. Plus, no one can deny the greatness of “Be Prepared,” a villain song complete with Nazi-esque, goosestepping hyenas.

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