Date: 6/3/2014
Location: Manchester, England
Crime: Suspicion of causing bodily harm
Ratchet Meter: 10

We once again head overseas for a story that's too bizarre to leave out. A couple who had just gotten married were jailed after getting into a fight with hotel security guards. Certainly not your typical wedding night tale.

The couple, Nick and Kristy Bigland, were arrested Saturday May 31 at the Hilton Hotel in Manchester, England following an altercation with security guards. A dispute between the Biglands and the concierge staff over their hotel suite erupted into a full-blown fight, and, according to the Manchester Evening News, the newlyweds couldn't have possibly cared less about causing a scene.

During the scuffle, the groom, dressed in his wedding suit, allegedly attacked one the security guards cutting his face in the process. The bride is claimed to have shouted racist abuse at the guards, who were Asian.

Anyone who gets into a fight while still wearing what they got married in clearly doesn't care too much about causing a scene. Nick Bigland, 25, was charged with suspicion of causing actual bodily harm, while Kristy Bigland, 29, faces racially aggravated public order charges.

Instead of consummating their marriage, they spent their wedding night in separate cells and were released the following morning. A wedding story for the ages.