Date: 6/5/2014
Location: Glyndon, Minn.
Crime: DUI
Ratchet Meter: 7

After arresting a woman for drunk driving May 30th, police in Minnesota found Jello shots stuffed in her pockets.

The Smoking Gun reports that 28-year-old Cathy Sanchez was pulled over on Highway 10 around 2 a.m. that Saturday morning for reckless driving. A Glyndon Police Department officer could immediately tell that she was drunk, and Sanchez confirmed this by failing sobriety tests and blowing a .136 when given a Breathalyzer.

As police searched her, they found three Jell-O shots shoved into her pockets. Authorities learned that Sanchez-who owned up to five previous drunk driving arrests after trying to give police a fake name-had three prior DWI convictions in addition to a concealed weapons conviction. Worse, her license had been cancelled because she had been deemed a threat to the public.

Sanchez now faces two felony charges which both carry a maximum of seven years in jail.