Date: 6/4/2014
Location: Warren, Mich.
Crime: ???? 
Ratchet Meter: 9

Let's just take this one from the beginning. According to WJBK Fox 2, a 62-year-old man and his 92-year-old mother drove from Michigan to pick up his 31-year-old girlfriend from an Arizona mental health facility. While everything went fine on the trip there, the woman apparently overdosed on oxycodone while passing through Flagstaff on the return journey.

After several attempts to revive her between New Mexico and Oklahoma, the man finally determined that she had indeed died. Even so, he apparently looked up what to do with her corpse on the Internet, and somehow decided it would be best if he continued all the way back to his home state.

So that's what he did.

According to WJBK, he "propped her body up and placed sunglasses on her face and a stuffed animal in her lap." Throughout the 26 hour drive, the man's wheelchair-bound mother sat in the back seat unable to use the bathroom. To make things worse, the car's air conditioning stopped working halfway through the trip.

Only when his girlfriend's mental hospital finally called him, did he admit that she was dead. Though they urged him to go the nearest ER, he refused. Police finally caught up with him as he pulled into the driveway of his son's house. Currently he is not in custody, however Warren, Mich. prosecutors are still deciding how to handle the case.

"If you've ever smelled a dead body before-you never get that out of your head," a neighbor told WJBK. "As soon as the police opened the door, thank God there was a good breeze going because you would just get a whiff of it once and a while."