Let’s be frank: Real Betis sucks. Honestly, they're so bad that you probably don't even know who they are. So, for those not in the know, we'll give you a quick refresher. Real Betis is a member of the Spanish soccer league, La Liga. However, 'member' has become something of loose term for them. In their past 14 seasons in La Liga, the team has never finished higher than fourth. This past season, they bottomed out at dead last in the table. The club won just six of 38 matches this season, and they were outscored by 42 goals. It’s that bad.

In real life, there’s no help for this club. It’s doomed as the doormat of La Liga now and for the foreseeable future. However, this is exactly why we have video games. 

Clearly no one is skilled enough to captain this ship to glory with its current players. We need to enlist the help of a few super athletes, even if they aren’t even footballers.

And now that LeBron James' season with the Miami Heat has come to an end, we started to wonder: how would LeBron James fare in world football? Not only James, either, but also Steve Nash, Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Patrick Kane? After all, Real Betis is phenomenally bad. If we're going pick this team up, then we'll need to get creative. 

Using some skillful character modding, we were able to construct our team of heroes. Here are their stats:

  • The four-time MVP LeBron James was given an overall rating of 93, with great all-around skills. Since he's one of most skilled players in the NBA, we made passing his best attribute.

  • The same was true for two-time MVP Steve Nash, but he wasn't quite as deadly or as powerful as LeBron. Nash's rating came out to an 88. The Canadian baller—who has repeatedly expressed his love for soccer—will finally get the chance to follow through on his other childhood dream. 

  • The NHL star Patrick Kane is simply designed to be a striker. He had good power and shot accuracy, but since skating is such a huge part of his actual sport, we thought it made sense to make balance his best feature. His overall rating was an 85. 

  • Undefeated professional boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr. possesses his best attributes in the categories of awareness and defense. His speed is high as well, giving him an overall rating of 87.

Now, this four-man group of soccer saviors has arrived in the fantasy world of FIFA 14 to help Real Betis turn the tides. Can they transform the club from cellar-dwellers to stars?

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