Welcome to the F-Files, a scientific exercise in mucking around with FIFA's Creation Center which we push the customization options in EA Sports' FIFA series to their limits in order to put some of soccer's most popular truisms to the test.

“If you had 11 [Insert player name here]s on your team, you'd win the league every year.”

 I think I first heard this said about Steven Gerrard, and it gets said about pretty much every talented player that has that particular mix of focus, determination and versatility. The idea being that, for a football team, it's attitude and physical fitness that matters more than having a mix of different skill-sets and attributes across the pitch.

Of course, cloning players is illegal, time consuming and prohibitively expensive. Possibly even dangerous if we take what happened in Jurassic Park into consideration. But it's an intriguing prospect. The players would, presumably, have great team spirit, and would almost certainly an unrivalled understanding on the pitch. But would they fall short because of that lack of specialist skills?

Let's find out.

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