Officials have elected to burn a vacant luxury home in Central Texas that's currently hanging from the edge of a cliff. 

USA Today reports that the 4,000-square-foot Hill County home, which was built in 2008 and appraised at over $700,000, is dangling from a 75-foot rapidly-crumbling cliff in Whitney, Texas. The house has since been condemned, and the owners were forced to evacuate it two weeks ago.

Though officials had considered pulling the home away from the cliff using cables, that was ruled out, and they decided to destroy it with fire.Hill County Emergency Management Coordinator Bill Hemrick said the fire was started in the home's attic with hope that it burns inward. 

Rob Webb, who owns the home, told USA Today that it was inspected before he bought it. He added that, although he and his wife purchased insurance, it doesn't cover this type of disaster. That means the Webbs will have to come out of pocket to cover the demolition.

[via USA Today and KTRK]

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