Another Street Fighter IV update? We thought that we were done with these!

Capcom released the Street Fighter IV arcade to great acclaim in 2008, but since then, they have milked it for all it’s worth. The home console release added seven new characters, bringing the total up to 25. Then came Super Street Fighter IV, which introduced ten new characters, bringing the total to 35. Then came Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition, which added four new characters. The number of playable characters now stands at 39, but it won’t remain there for long.

Today, Capcom releases Ultra Street Fighter IV, the final update (or so they claim) to the critically acclaimed original. There’s balance changes, of course (Crimson Viper is getting buffed, Sakura is getting nerfed). But what are the big changes? What about the new characters, stages, moves that we’ll be practicing for months to come? And what about the price?

Ultra Street Fighter IV: Cop or drop? Read our scouting report, and decide for yourself.

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