Like sex, scotch and suits shouldn’t be rushed. Dewer’s Scotch Whisky and Freemans Sporting Club (the popular New York City men's lifestyle brand) are companies with similar attitudes towards time: They both take as much of it as they need to offer a quality product. “It takes time to get things right,” said Gabe Cardarella, Dewer’s National Brand Ambassador. “That’s why our partnership made sense.” These are also businesses with an emphasis on family, hence, they are offering two packages for Father’s Day today.

It seems rational that a man’s idea of pampering would include a straight razor against his neck and fire in his throat. Sure, masculinity has evolved to allow for the occasional spa visit or even a manicure and pedicure without being banished from the sex, but the classics are classics for a reason. A shave, a scotch, and a tailored suit are about as standard and sophisticated a man can get. Dewer’s and Freemans are acknowledging these classics by offering packages of a scotch and a shave or a scotch and a suit.

The shaving packing includes a glass of Dewer’s 12, a blended, double-barreled scotch. The shave isn’t just a run of a blade across your chin. This is the full facial experience with lather, lotion, and a hot towel. For the hirsute gentleman, you can get a trim and a clean up. The suit package comes with a glass of Dewer’s 18, a more mature whisky for a more mature decision. You’ll need something to sip on as you select and get fitted for one of Freemans classic American 2-button suits. Full details for both packages are below, followed by cocktail recipes for those of you who would prefer to stay at home.

SCOTCH & A SHAVE ($50) Treat your dad to a glass of DEWAR’S 12 on the rocks while he enjoys a good old-fashioned straight razor shave at the Barbershop, which includes re-shave oil, shaving cream, hot foam, aftershave, hot eucalyptus towels. DEWAR’S 12 is a luxuriously rich fruity and smooth blend, with warm, buttery and mellow notes. For those bearded friends not interested in a full shave, haircuts and grooming are available and the full package of a haircut, shave and a scotch is $100. After Dewar’s 12 is blended, it is it is returned to the vintage oak casks so it can mature further. This extra step is called double barrel aging and it makes DEWAR’S 12 Blended Scotch Whisky an even smoother blend with a long, lingering finish. (Bottle price $28.99)

SCOTCH & A SUIT ($1600) Make an appointment for your Dad to sip a glass of DEWAR’S 18 while he’s fitted for a Freemans Sporting Club suit, an updated version of the classic American 2-button. The jacket features high arm holes for an unrivaled sense of comfort. It’s a modern fit, for a modern man and, of course, it’s made in America. DEWAR’S 18 is for the Scotch drinker who is ready to step up to a more luxurious libation with his made to measure suit. It offers a mellow, sweetly soft dram with notes of butterscotch and almonds and a long, lingering and pleasantly dry finish. DEWAR’S signature heather honey note is evident, with DEWAR’S 18’s maturity lending an extra level of distinction. DEWAR’S 18 is the perfect medium for the “Drinking Man” seeking the crispness of DEWAR’S 12 and the refinement of DEWARS Signature—it is a staple on any Drinking Man’s bar. (Bottle price $79.99)

2 parts DEWAR’S® 12 Blended Scotch Whisky
1 part fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 teaspoonful of white caster sugar
1 dash egg whites
Dash of Angostura bitters
Put all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and fill with ice. Shake vigorously to achieve a foamy texture, then strain into a sour glass. Garnish with a dash of Angostura bitters. Using egg whites is option but it will add a nice frothy consistency.

2½ parts DEWAR’S® 18 or DEWAR’S® 12  Blended Scotch Whisky
¾ parts MARTINI® Sweet Vermouth
Dash of Angostura Bitters
1 twist of orange peel
1 Maraschino cherry
Combine the DEWAR’S® 12, the Martini Rossi and bitters with 2 – 3 cubes in a mixing glass. Stir gently. Don’t bruise the spirits and cloud the drink. Place the cherry in a chilled Martini glass and strain the whisky mixture over the cherry. Rub the cut edge of the orange peel over the rim of the glass and twist it over the drink to release the oils but don’t drop it in.

1 part Dewar’s® White Label® Blended Scotch Whisky
1 teaspoon sugar 2 dashes bitters
2 orange slices
2 maraschino cherries
Water or soda
In the bottom of a rocks glass, carefully muddle the sugar, bitters, 1 orange slice, 1 cherry and a splash of water or soda. Remove the orange rind and add Dewar’s and ice. Garnish with the remaining orange slice and cherry.

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