At the end of the month, a sober, rested Rob Ford will return to office. The Toronto mayorwho checked into rehab in Aprilmade the announcement in a letter, which was unearthed recently. 

According to the Torono Sun, Ford wrote the letter to Toronto City Clerk Ulli Watkiss on Jun. 2 announcing that he would triumphantly return to City Hall on June 30 after departing Muskoka's GreenStone treatment facility

kindly be advised that I will be returning to City Hall on Monday June 30, 2014, in the later portion of the afternoon to resume my duties as mayor of Toronto

Furthermore, Ford plans to take part in a number of Canada Day events in addition to resuming his re-election campaign:

I will be leaving here at noon or so June 30 and be back for events July 1,” he said. “I want to have time for a workout first and say goodbye to some people here. When you spend this kind of time with people, you develop some friendships. They have been very good to me. But I should be home for 4 or 5 p.m.

Ford told Sun reporter Joe Warmington that he entered rehab to "save his life." After a 60-day stay, he's aiming to save his career.

[via The Toronto Sun

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