Yep, it's Monday. You drank too much this weekend, you spent half of Sunday in bed, and now it's time to start the week all over again. Boo hoo. At least you have Rise and Grind, where you can find the  most entertaining links of the morning, curated by City Guide's own @NathanReese. As always, feel free to send your tips, photos, news developments, love letters, and hate mail to cityguidetips@complex.comNow don't you feel better? 

Miley's Maserati Is Missing 

According to the LAPD, two robbers broke into Miley Cyrus' home and made off with a bunch of jewelry and her brand new Maserati. See, celebrities get The Mondays just like us. [via Gawker

Google Goes to Space

Apparently Google plans to launch 180 satellites into orbit to provide unconnected parts of the world with high-speed Internet. According to the Wall Street Journal the project will cost $1 billion and be totally awesome. [via The Verge]

Net Neutrality For Dummies 

In case you had any questions about the current net neutrality controversy, John Oliver broke it down in simple terms on yesterday's episode of Last Week Tonight. Watch the clip to see Oliver's take on "cable company fuckery" and learn how to protest for yourself. [via Mashable]

Feeling Emotional? 

Drake is here to help. And his car is fast. It's a metaphor, probably. [via Complex Music]

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