Two 12 year old Wisconsin girls are being charged as adults after stabbing a classmate 19 times. The preteens claim that the attempted murder was to appease the urban legend, horror character and video game character, Slender Man. was to prove Slender Man was real and so he wouldn't kill their families.


The two claimed that it was to prove Slender Man was real. They also believed that he would kill their families if they didn't commit the act. Slender Man is a fictional character created by the Something Awful user-written horror forum. He is also the basis of several video games and an upcoming film.

The girls, Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier, plotted to kill a classmate for months when they invited the victim to a sleepover. The following day, while at a park, the girls stabbed their classmate 19 times. The Journal Sentinel summed up the crime.

Weier told the victim to lie down and be quiet — she would lose blood more slowly. Weier told police she gave the victim those instructions so she wouldn’t draw attention to herself, and so she would die. Weier told the victim they were going to get her help; but they never planned on actually doing so. They hoped she would die, and they would see Slender and know he existed.”

The victim was able to crawl to a road were a passerby found her. She is in stable condition at a Wisconsin hospital. Police found the two girls walking near the Interstate on their way to what they believe was Slender Man's home.

The suspects believed that “Slender,” as Weier called him, lived in a mansion in the Nicolet National Forest in northern Wisconsin. The plan was to kill the victim and walk to Slender’s mansion. After school on Friday, Weier told police, she and Geyser went to Weier’s house, where she packed a backpack with clothes, granola bars, water bottles and a picture of her mother, father and siblings. She didn’t want to forget what her family looked like after leaving for Slender’s mansion.”

If convicted the two girls face up to 65 years in prison.

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