You may've seen that frightfully horrific painting of Gengar before, since it's a terror and the internet is full of them. But you might not have seen the rest of these "realistic" takes on everyone's favorite cuddly anime critters by artist Gavin Mackey, as seen on his blog as well as imgur. These are not the pokémon you know and love, at least not really – by taking a rather grounded look at Nintendo's pocket monsters Mackey has rendered them in grostesque detail that, if it doesn't activate some sort of internal panic similar to a reaction from the uncanny valley, at least shows these beasts off in rather, uh, organic fashion.

Mackey has posted 39 of these monstrosities on imgur (Mew, Metapod, Mr. Mime and Drowzee are among the most horrifying), so if you'd like to never look at Pokémon in quite the same light again, hit the link below.

[Via Imgur