The sequel to Homefront was revealed this morning in this bloody teaser from publisher Deep Silver. Starting off with a suicide bombing and ending with a massacre isn't exactly subtle and sets the tone for the shooter's sequel.

Homefront: The Revolution will feature a new open-world design very different from the linear and much too short single player game of the original. Revolution is set four years into the occupation of the United States by the Korean People's Army. Set in Philadelphia, site of the enemy's headquarters, revolutionaries will use guerrilla tactics to overthrow their oppressors in America's second Revolutionary War.

The first Homefront was too-short but fun for what it was. A spray and pray game with lots of explosions and gore. Revolution hopes to add some depth and strategy to the mix with an open world and multiples choices in how the gamer plays. Homefront: The Revolution is set to drop sometime in 2015 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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[via Gamespot]