If Nicky belonged to high school's cool kids, then Lorna Morello (Yael Stone) was a member of the ditzy cheerleading squad. Sporting cherry red lips and flapper-inspired waves, Morello lives in her own fantasy world where the promise of true love is the only thing making her life worthwhile. She spends her days creating poster boards covered with wedding magazine photos and asking her friends for opinions on honeymoon locations, like "Bora Bora Bora."

Despite claiming to be a good Italian Catholic girl engaged to her faithful fiancé Christopher, Morello carries on a very physical relationship with Nicky. When Morello ends the affair, she leaves Nicky feeling slightly bitter and more upset than she lets on. Nicky tells Morello she doubts there even is a Christopher, especially since no one has seen him since she first arrived, causing Morello to get so angry that it forces the rest of us to question if Nicky may be onto something.

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