NYC resident Chris Kooluris has done something that most men can only dream of: he turned his old bedroom into a retro arcade. On one hand, it's the ultimate man-cave. On the other, he lost his fiancée for the sake of his vision. That's serious dedication. 

As you can see from the pictures above, Kooluris took the bedroom of his old apartment and decided to make some drastic improvements to its design. He has retro game cabinets for titles like Punch-Out!, Tron, Ms. Pac-Man, and his personal favorite, Fix-It Felix, Jr. All told, Kooluris has spent $32K purchasing and restoring these vintage treasures. 

According to a story from Wired about Kooluris' endeavor, the change initially began as a joint effort between him and his fiancée after Kooluris had moved into her apartment. However, as the project became larger and larger, his fun project began to take over their lives. Though they had been engaged for months, the couple broke off their engagement in March. Was it worth the sacrifice? Depends on whether you like Donkey Kong more than dating, but to each their own. 

In any case, it appears that Kooluris now has plenty of time to spend with his machines. And it certainly doesn't sound like he'll have to worry about anyone topping his high score.

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