Recognize those white pants? That's right, Mirror's Edge protagonist Faith is seemingly about to make a return, complete with post-memorial day fashion sense intact. The above piece of concept art has appeared on the game's Facebook page a day out from the pre-E3 kickoff tomorrow, so an official reveal for the next game in the long-gestating series is probably in the cards.

EA and developer DICE have been mum on the next Mirror's Edge since it was teased at last year's E3, merely calling the new game a "reimagining" more than a sequel (note the lack of any "2" on the concept art). The brief 2013 trailer had perhaps a distressing increase in focus on combat, which could ultimately be bad news for fans of the original game. The 2009 original was the rare, rare first-person adventure that advocated for players to use Faith's parkour skills to flee from enemies rather than take them on. (Seriously, the guns were so heavy and sluggish it seems impossible to think that they were anything more than lip service to the FPS genre.) It remains to be seen if the next-gen successor will follow a similar path.

The question is, will solar fields return for another incredible soundtrack?

We'll probably find out most, if not all, of these questions tomorrow during EA's press conference.

[Via Facebook