Electronic Arts' (EA) next installment in the Battlefield series will be officially revealed later this month at the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) however leaks of Battlefield Hardline keep coming.

In this video a user is logged into a multiplayer map all by their lonesome. The map,a cityscape called High Tension, is set in the mode Blood Money where players choose between four classes: operator, mechanic, enforcer, and professional. Jump to four minute mark to see some solo gameplay and the player using some familiar Battlefield vehicles. If Battlefield developers stick to past precedents this could be a preview of the multiplayer beta to come.

The police-themed Hardline was developed by the same studio that created the Dead Space series and hopes to capture the mood of current hard boiled TV police dramas, this according to earlier leak of a story trailer. Hit up the links below for more details about Battlefield Hardline and stay tuned as EA will be showcasing the game at next week's E3.

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[via Gamespot]

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