Mindy Kaling already had a huge hit with her first book (Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?), and she told the Los Angeles Times today that she is working a second one, entitled Why Not Me?

We think we can speak for everyone when we say: YES.

It will follow a similar format as her last book, comprising of a series of personal essays. It will focus on the three years since her previous book was released, which includes the debut (and huge success) of The Mindy Project, the death of her mother, many friends’ weddings, and various other milestone life events.

Knowing Kaling, she’ll have plenty of hilarious tongue-in-cheek thoughts on everything that has happened to her. She told The Times that “I can only fit so much into the show and have all this extra stuff, and I love writing in that format. It's very different from writing dialog.”

What that quote says to us is that this likely won’t be her last book. And, honestly, she can write as many as she wants and we will gladly buy them all.

[via Vulture]