"Vaginas don't bite."

There's your out-of-context quote of the day from a preview of Season 2 of Masters of Sex, courtesy of Lizzy Caplan as the gorgeous and slightly terrifying Virginia Johnson on the steamy Showtime drama. 

Caplan and co-star Michael Sheen, who plays sex researcher William Masters, appear to be more at odds (as well as doin' it) more than ever in the newly-released trailer for the sophomore season.

"Sex, enjoy it when and if you can. It's a biological function, but keep your heart out of it," says Caplan's character between the random shots of exposed flesh, and scenes hinting at Masters' growing deception with his wife and ethical boundary crossing  destroying at work. 

Masters of Sex Season 2 premieres July 13 at 10 p.m.

[Via Variety]