The initiative to keep the homeless away from business storefronts in London has gotten extreme, with some resorting to the placement of metal spikes in front of said storefronts to keep the homeless away. Activists have elected to combat this practice by covering the spikes with concrete.

According to Vice, Left Unity plans to hold a "Homes Not Spikes" protest at the Tesco Supermarket later and last night, they descended upon the supermarket to coat the spikes with concrete: 

They explained that they were trying to drown the spikes in concrete, rendering the ledge non-spikey. These [spikes] are in places where people are trying to find a cosy, less wet place to put their head down,” one said. These are places that the underclass rely on. We give [Tesco] our money and this is how they treat us.

Activists said they were motivated by the terrible treatment of the homeless. "Homeless people are some of the most vulnerable people in society with the government's austerity program," one told Vice.

"They’ve cut Shelter’s funding. Crisis are in crisis. There’s more people on the street, more people using food banks—and you have businesses installing anti-homeless spikes. It’s a really degrading way to treat human beings."

At least someone is thinking of the homeless. 

[via Vice]

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