Hot on the heals of Mega-Earth's discovery comes another new planet that could very-well sustain life. Though not as "mega" as Mega-Earth, Gliese 832c is still huge compared to our planet—about 5.4 times the circumference of Earth.

Even though it's super-sized, Gliese 832c could still potentially support life; the planet gets about the same amount of energy from its own sun as Earth, may have a similar atmosphere, and exists in the "habitable zone" of its solar system.

Unfortunately, there's one problem: The weather on Gliese is pretty crappy. Prof Chris Tinney of the University of New South Wales told Sci-News,  “If the planet has a similar atmosphere to Earth it may be possible for life to survive, although seasonal shifts would be extreme." 

But even if Gliese 832c can support life, at 16 light years away we'll likely never be able to find out for ourselves. 

[via Animal New York and Sci-News]

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