There are horror stories about people leaving prison with full-body yeast infections. That's not a joke nor an exaggeration. Would anyone, in their right mind, want to chance walking on a shower floor in prison, barefoot? Not even Crazy Eyes would do such a thing.

If you're waiting for some money to clear so you can buy goods like flip-flops from commissary, forget your shower shoes at home and plan on going to the gym, or you're simply poor, the best makeshift waterproof flip-flops are designed out of duct tape.

Unlike Piper, who used a maxi pad design, which just soaked up water (but are very useful for other purposes), Sophia shows off her handmade couture duct tape flip-flops. They're waterproof, sturdy, and kind of fabulous. Head to the kitchen and grab a cardboard box, cut out the shape of your foot, and use that as your base. Duct tape around the cardboard so the only separation from the disgusting fungus-covered floors isn't just a thin layer of duct tape. Creating the straps is just as easy as rolling the tape.