Following the controversy surrounding Jonah Hill and a homophobic slur he hurled at a photographer earlier this week, Hill's 22 Jump Street co-star Ice Cube responded during an interview with HuffPost Live ahead of their film's upcoming release.

"I give people a little room to say stupid stuff," Ice Cube said during the interview. "We all say something stupid every now and then...what we really need to do is kick the paparazzi in the ass." If you don't recall, Hill made the comment toward a paparazzi who was following him on the street. "It's extremely annoying to be sitting somewhere, and somebody's 20 feet away with a camera pointing on you and you don't know how long that camera's been on you."

The co-director of 22 Jump Street, Christopher Miller, was also present during the interview, and responded by calling the incident "very disappointing and surprising, but it wasn't the Jonah that we know."

Hill has publicly apologized for the incident numerous times, describing his actions as "grotesque" and "an example of what not to do."

[via The Huffington Post]