Bourbon. Scotch. Rye. Irish whiskey. Tennessee sipping whiskey. Taiwanese whiskey. There are, by last count, roughly three gazillion whiskeys out there, from a whole lot of countries, made in countless different styles, aged in many ways, for differing lengths of time. How do you even start to make heads or tails of it all? Simply going “Eeny, meeny, miny, moe” or picking a brand because the bottle looks cool may land you a winner… or you may wind up with some foul-tasting rotgut and a monster-sized hangover the next day. Fortunately, you’ve got resources: your bartender, your liquor store salesperson, and of course, these ten handy-dandy tips. You won’t be the world’s foremost expert after reading them, but they’ll help you avoid the shame in your game that comes with being whiskey-ig’nant in social situations.