Damson Audio has done some tweaking to the concept of bone-conducting headphones, and added its own spin with their newest device: Headbones.

The headphones have Bluetooth capability, and is just really awesome to say, isn’t it? With a built in microphone, Headbones works as a hands-free device for your phone. The best part is that the device has an estimating listening time of up to 10 hours per charge, and because Headbones does not obstruct the ear canal when you have them on, it allows natural ambient sound to be heard. Still, Headbones comes with detachable earplugs so you can zone out completely if you want.

Rather than create sound through a small speaker cone within an earbud, the Headbones instead turn your skull into the speaker surface. Utilizing the unique acoustic properties of the skull and jaw bones, this device vibrates directly against your temple, while you hear the audio as you would a natural sound in-ear. It is a similar effect that makes chewing seem so loud, or the dentists drill so grating.

Headbones has already exceeded its £50,000 Kickstarter fund goal and plans to start production in July. Keep your ears open for the launch.

[via Versus]